Boris Smus

interaction engineering

Hello from the west coast!

My goal is to invent, design, and build novel and delightful user interfaces to facilitate human flourishing. I prefer working on small, interdisciplinary teams of designers, engineers, and subject matter experts, iterating quickly, releasing often, and working in the open. I gravitate to the web platform, but am also well versed in Android and iOS development, audio and sensor software engineering, and prototyping at the intersection of hardware and software. My ideal role involves a mix of UX design, software engineering, and invention.

While on the Google VR team, I created, evangelized and maintained fundamental WebVR tools and libraries. I was fortunate to be on the founding team of Google Cardboard, where I invented the original input method.

At Google Research, I created Google Tone, which reduced the barrier to sharing locally by sending URLs over audio, as well as many other exciting prototypes. I also provided technical direction to small teams of software engineers, and received over twenty patents in the process.

I joined Google as an engineer on the Chrome developer relations team. I helped launch Chrome for Android, wrote dozens of articles, gave talks to thousands of developers and released widely used open source libraries and samples.

I'm passionate about the intersection of web, music, and education. I began by writing tutorials on the Web Audio API, which eventually turned into a short O'Reilly book on the subject, complete with usage samples. I continue to use the API to build browser based audio applications:

Prior to Google, I worked at Apple for two years, contributing to iWeb, iWork and helping start

I hold a masters in HCI from Carnegie Mellon University, where I focused on social and wearable computing research and built CrowdForge, a system for crowdsourcing complex tasks.

I am Canadian. I received a BSc (w/ honours) in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.

I was born in Leningrad, RSFSR, and spent my formative years in Vancouver, Canada.

For the still curious, my resume is online.