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Link's Awakening LEGO Mosaic

A parismonious use of pixels (160 x 114) and color (four-color greenscale) lends itself super well to reproduction as a LEGO mosaic! LEGO has this amazing service called Pick-a-Brick where you can buy spare parts that accidentally ended up in your vacuum cleaner's dustbin. Or you can buy tiles and flats and make an awesome mosaic based on your favorite 2-bit sprite. But how many tiles of each color do you need? Not to worry, I've got you covered with this color counting script. Fully assembled, two-bit LEGO Link makes an excellent coaster for the office mug.

Link coaster assembled

I'm not much of a gamer, but Zelda is the one series that continues to occupy a special place in my heart. Link's Awakening was my first, and remains my favorite. Twenty five years later, the most memorable part of the game was of course the music. But the graphics were amazing in their own right. This to me is concentrated nostalgia:

Screenshot Link's awakening

The mosaic is based directly on the most iconic sprite from the game: Link and his shield strolling sideways through Koholint Island. Here's the colorized version from the DX version:

Link sprite

I tried making a Link mosaic from my second favorite, Zelda: Link to the Past. Unfortunately, a 16-bit color palette is way harder to replicate with LEGO's limited set of colors, and the result isn't worth sharing.