Boris Smus

interaction engineering

Embedding VR content on the web

During a two week trip to India, I took over 1000 shots, including photos, videos and a few photospheres. A picture is worth one thousand words, but how many pictures is a photosphere worth? We may never know, but I digress. My favorite photosphere was of friends posing inside one of the turrets of the Jaigarh Fort:

I captured this using the photosphere camera which ships with Android. It's embedded into my blog using VR View, which launched today. The embed above lets you include an interactive photosphere right in your website, which is especially fun on mobile, where the image reacts directly to your phone's movements. You can view it in full screen mode, and even in Cardboard mode (only on mobile).

But you know what's cooler than a photosphere? A stereo photosphere! And luckily, you can capture stereo photospheres using Cardboard Camera, and then use a VR View to embed them too. You can even embed mono or stereo videos. Check out the docs for more info. Eager to hear what you think!