Boris Smus

interaction engineering

This site is statically generated with Lightning, a blogging engine I wrote. The basic idea is that I write all of my content like this:

About this site

This site is statically generated with [Lightning][lightning]

Then a script converts it into the HTML/CSS that you are reading now.

There are many such projects, (eg. Hyde, Octopress). This approach provides clear advantages over a traditional database-based blog:

  • Use any editor you like.
  • Use Markdown for structured text.
  • No worries about database management and security.


I wrote Lightning to scratch some specific itches (which may or may not have been addressed in other similar projects by the time you read this):

  • Incremental builds (only rebuild what changed).
  • Quick deployment.
  • Logical placement of content-specific assets (in same dir as content).
  • Decouple content structure from output structure.
  • Minimalist metadata header.
  • Output that doesn't require htaccess, rewrite rules and other HTTPD specific setup.

An early version of Lightning is available on github.