Boris Smus

interaction engineering

Minimal business card design

Business card design is a tricky art. It's a fairly constrained space, but that's what design is all about, right? I'm ordering a personal set of moo mini cards. These are small, two sided prints. One side contains an image, and the other contains contact information. On the image side, I'm putting snippets of travel photography. The other side is by default a conventional list of contact information, but moo conveniently allows it to be replaced by a custom image.

Rather than having each field separately labeled, I tried to uncover as much information as possible within my email address. Hidden inside are my first name, last name, website, and twitter account! Here's a minimal design concept that tries to break it down.


In my case, my email address contains all relevant info except the phone number which I don't want to include anyway. I hope that this simple idea can inspire you to come up with something more polished. Looking forward to what you come up with! P.S. Thanks for the help, Jenn!