Boris Smus

interaction engineering

Guitar Unleashed

I've been collaborating with my dad on an experimental web-based guitar chord editing service. It's still a work in progress, but we are ready to launch a beta version. Please visit to check it out and provide feedback.

We hope that the major features of the service are easily discoverable, but in case they are not, here is a list:

  • Add chords to your lyrics by clicking on any character
  • Move chords via drag and drop
  • Search for songs created by other users or from external sources
  • Save your work and share it with others
  • Add songs that you like to your favorites list
  • Already have lyrics with chords? Create a new song, paste lyrics with chords in and see the chords come to life.

Please note that the application relies heavily on JavaScript, so it needs to be enabled in your browser.

Known issues

  • Some lyrics may display incorrectly. This is an issue with
  • Long chords placed at the beginning or the end of lyrics line may extend outside of the editing area
  • Long lines in lyrics are not handled elegantly

Future features

  • Editing lyric text
  • Commenting on songs
  • Searching sources of lyrics and chords other than LyricWiki
  • Song books

Please give us feedback! Use the feedback button on or contact us directly at