Boris Smus

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Братья Карамазовы, читает Ульянов

First time listening to a book in Russian.

For some reason, found an abridged and dramatized version, but by the time I realized this was the case, I was already well into it. No matter - the reader and dramatization was incredible, although I felt that the production suffered a bit from overly floral musical interludes.

This is a masterpiece of writing, vivid characters, and a terrifying portrayal of some of humanity's worst. Greed, so expertly portrayed by Dmitry Fedorovich and his father Fedor Pavlovich. Exquisitely neglectful parenting! The greed theme is so sickening of its own accord, but is compounded by one of the most disturbing father-son relationships.

The plot is complex, featuring a love pentagon, I think. Let me count the edges. Two brothers, their father, and two women. At least.

Золотые прииски. Сцена с Хохлаковой+++ Ну вообще, так образно описана Русская женщина!

Some of the most painful, vivid and florid expressions of love. So very Russian. Грушенька reminds me of A, and Митя reminds me of B, circa 15 years ago. Of course, they are far less extreme versions, but unrequited, violent, irrational, completely blind love is a dangerous thing.

The mystery aspect of this book is intense, with the missed scene. Is there a patricide? Yes, but in a roundabout way.

Clearly things are missing in this abridged edition. Reading more into the story, I was disappointed to find whole characters missing, and reading more into it, I think that Ivan comes off somewhat flat, and could have been portrayed in more idealistic detail.