Boris Smus

interaction engineering

Hello from the west coast!

My passion is to invent and build enjoyable, useful, and novel user interfaces at the cusp of hardware and software. I am a proficient front-end and mobile engineer with experience leading teams. In my projects, I tend to gravitate to web technologies because of the flexibility of the web platform. My professional interests include education, audio and music, sensors and interaction design.

My job at Google is a mix of software engineering and user experience prototyping. I have had the good fortune to help launch Google Cardboard, Google Tone, and build many other exciting products with a small, fast moving team.

At my previous job as an engineer on the Chrome developer relations team we pushed the limits of the modern web platform and educated web developers. I helped launch Chrome for Android, wrote articles, gave talks and released open source libraries and samples. I also authored a short book on the Web Audio API.

I hold a masters in HCI from Carnegie Mellon, where I focused on social and wearable computing research and built CrowdForge, a system for crowdsourcing complex tasks. Prior to that, I worked at Apple for two years, contributing to iWeb, iWork and helping start For the still curious, my resume is online.

I am Canadian. I hold a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. I was born in Leningrad, RSFSR, and spent my formative years in Vancouver, Canada.