Boris Smus

interaction engineering


2012 - Current: Software Engineer, Google

  • Prototyping emerging user interfaces at Google Research.

2010 - 2012: Chrome Developer Programs Engineer, Google

  • Released and maintained widely used libraries to help mobile web developers
  • Wrote significant open source sample applications (see github)
  • Wrote technical articles on and totalling over 500K page views
  • Presented over 20 public talks, reaching over 100K people (including video views)
  • Software engineer on the Google +1 chrome extension

Summer 2010: Software Engineer Intern, Google

  • Wrote product requirements and designed UI concepts for a major Google TV feature
  • Implemented a working prototype in Java/Android
  • Designed and executed a lab usability study

2006 – 2009: Software Engineer, Apple

  • Developed software architecture for significant portions of
  • Implemented new features for iWeb and the iWork suite in Objective-C
  • Created a text and object selection engine in JavaScript
  • Built a cross-browser graphics library using SVG, Canvas and VML
  • Prototyped new product ideas using JavaScript and Ruby on Rails
  • Worked closely with visual designers on new products
  • Wrote parts of the Microsoft Office document viewer for iPhone Mail

Summer 2005: Software Engineer Intern, Research in Motion

  • Developed features for a 2D graphics engine in J2ME, part of BlackBerry OS
  • Created a python program to automate SVG content generation to test this engine
  • Proposed a test suite to verify rendering output against a image

Summer 2004: Software Engineer Intern, Custom House

  • Created a GUI to facilitate user friendly mapping from excel into a MSSQL database
  • Contributed improvements to a large currency exchange system written in C#
  • Followed Agile software development principles: unit testing, scrums

Summer 2003: Software Engineer Intern, SchemaSoft (acquired by Apple in 2005)

  • Developed bindings for a subset of the SVG DOM in C++
  • Implemented in C# an editor for easily editing and navigating XML documents
  • Maintained a network of 100 computers running Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Provided technical support to a large international conference: SVG Open 2003


2009 – 2010: Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Masters in Human-Computer Interaction.
  • Emphasis on physical computing.

2002 – 2007: Undergraduate Student, University of British Columbia

  • BSc (with honors) in Mathematics and Computer Science (with Co-op)
  • Emphasis on computer graphics and discrete math.



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I have given several talks to both academic and developer audiences.